Watershed Underdeck Ceiling System
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 Are you tired of your patio furniture under your deck getting    stained or wet from the rain falling through the floor above?

 Does it bother you  that every time you  try to enjoy a  relaxing afternoon in  your patio under  your deck that you  have to look at the  unsightly floor joists  overhead?

 How many times have you had to clean the walls underneath your deck because the rain has come through and splattered mud everywhere?

The WATERSHED Underdeck Ceiling System uses a unique "V" groove design that is both efficient and attractive.   The aluminum pans are fabricated to length and installed on a slight slope.   As the rain falls through your deck floor, it is caught by the ceiling and flows toward a decorative seamless aluminum gutter along the outer edge of your deck.  The gutter then drains the water away from your patio area.
 How It works:
 Why you need it:
There are over 40 colors to choose from that range from white all the way to dark bronze and nearly anything in between.  Also, you can select from 2 finishes - a smooth matte baked on enamel finish or a PVC coated aluminum that simulates the texture of wood.  The gutter is available in all the same colors as the ceiling and comes either in traditional "K" style or half round.  As always, we at Watershed, are happy to collaborate with you in helping you decide the best options for your home in order to insure your complete satisfaction.
 What your options are:
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